Victoria Beckham. PEED Her Pants At A Party

نُشر في Funny منذ سنوات، شهرين

It's cool, girl. I feel ya. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

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Former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham celebrated the anniversary of her store, The Victoria Beckham Shop that was opening in London. As she was leaving, it was clear that she had too good of a time as it appears she may have wet herself.

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Just because you're wearing all black, doesn't mean it's dark enough to cover the wet stain.

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Victoria was having an amazing time at the event, she just spilled some wine on herself,” a different source revealed. “She did not pee her pants! It was odd she didn’t change her clothes, but she was just ready to go home, she said she worked harder this week than any other week in her life.

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What do you think? A little'wine spill' or a good ol' fashion piss-in-the-pants? Tweet to us your thoughts @airgbuzz!


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