Top 7 Favourite Caitlyn Jenner Memes

نُشر في Funny منذ سنوات، 7 أشهر

It's been quite the week with Caitlyn Jenner debuting her new appearance on Vanity Fair. For those who need a refresher, this is what went down:

Now when it came the internet's response, there was an outpouring of support and love for Caitlyn and the the historic moment. And, of course, the memes were plenty! Here are our Top 7 Favourite Caitlyn Jenner Memes

7) Overshadowing Kim's pregnancy

6) Haters gonna hate

5) The 'Gurl I know I look good'

4) Karma for both of them.

3) The sass is alive and real y'all!

2) Not today.

1) The 'Honey, you wish'

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