This Happened To Adele's Son!

نُشر في Shocking منذ 9 أشهر، أسبوعين

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Adele was in Perth Tuesday to make her Australia debut and was going to go the nine yards, including ending the show in fireworks but something happened which made her change her mind.

During her soundcheck, her son was in the audience and when they let off the fireworks he got debris in his eye!

Oh no!

Luckily he is okay, she shared the experience with her audience members that night saying;

"Up until last night, we did have fireworks for you. My son was watching soundcheck in the crowd, a bit of debris went in his eye so we got rid of them."

Glad to hear her son is okay, I think anyone would rather no fireworks than debris is their eye!

You made the right choice Adele!


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