The ENTIRE Cast For Beauty & The Beast Movie REVEALED!

نُشر في Hot منذ سنوات، 8 أشهر

The cast for the live-action Beauty & The Beast film is finally coming together and here is what we know so far:

1) Emma Watson = Belle

2) Dan Stevens = Beast

3) Luke Evans = Gaston

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4) Emma Thompson = Mrs Potts

5) Ewan McGregor = Lumiere

6) Ian Kellen = Cogsworth

7) Kevin Kline = Maurice

8) Josh Gad (who famously voiced Olaf in Frozen) = Le Fou

9) Audra McDonald (6 x Tony Award winner) = Garderobe

10) Gugu Mbartha-Raw = Plumette

11) Stanley Tucci = Cadenza (we have no idea who this character is!)

The only main character that we are still waiting to hear about is who will play Chip!


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