SHOCKING New Trump Video - Stoning Muslims & More *VIDEO*

نُشر منذ سنة، 3 أشهر

As you all know, it's not just Americans that are talking about Hillary and Trump.

One such discussion is raging over Reddit and Twitter, sparked by a shocking new video from a company called Just10 Inc. The video tries to draw a tongue and cheek narrative on the 2016 Presidential Election by suggesting that foreigners, specifically in the case of the video Canadians, would perceive America through it's worst stereotypes under a Trump presidency.

The main actor in the video seems to seethe with rage about the prospect of having to visit the statistically fattest, and highest gun owning country in the world to hand hold his 'hot shot' client. But it's not all bad news, because at the of the video, he reaffirms his love of America, by claiming - "beautiful country though..."

See the video above and weigh in on the outrage or hilarity yourself. What do you think? Is this a racist video? or is it a sign of things to come with foreigners disparaging America under a Trump presidency?

For a different take, we present Canadian actor Jim Carrey's opinion below (no not really) , he had no comment, but his publicist shared with us the following (also no not really...)

Leave your comments below.

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