Khloe Kardashian Gets Personal

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As we already know Khloe looks smoking after her 40 pound weight lost, WOW 40 POUNDS!

That's not the only thing she shed, she recently also let her guard down for an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

In the interview she talks about what it was like when she was heavier, and how people, especially in the fashion industry, treated her. Also why people tend to relate to her more than her sisters.

She said this about how people notice her more post weight loss

"I definitely think the fashion industry, and people in general, look at me more now that I've lost weight. Even on shoots, I would never have options for clothing. There would always be this attention on Kourtney and Kim, but I was too much work for stylists or they had nothing in my size. I wasn't even that crazy big!"

She also touched base on how people view her as the more "real" Kardashian

"People think I'm more "real". I'm the first person to say if I didn't do something right or that I could have done something differently. I share so much, maybe more in-depth than my sisters, and I think people appreciate that."

This is true, one of the reasons why Khloe is my favorite Kardashian sister.

Do you think Khloe looks flawless or WHAT?!


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