Kelly Osbourne Opens Up About Dark Past

نُشر منذ 8 أشهر، 4 أسابيع

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Rock-star, Ozzy Osbourne Daughter, Kelly Osbourne, opens up about her past life with drugs and how it lead her to be committed to a mental illness facility.

Kelly Osbourne hasn't always been the happy fashionista we all know today. She used to be a heavy drug user, especially after her mother's battle with cancer and her father near-fatal ATV accident in 2003.

The addiction started after her father flat-lined right in front of her, she then found herself turning to pills to cope.

"The only way I could even face my life was by opening that pill bottle, shaking out a few pills, or a handful, into my palm, and throwing them down my throat."

Recalling the time her mother was so scared that her drug-use might leave her dead she took her to a mental facility where Kelly was locked up for three days.

"Mum once locked me in a mental institution for three days, and it scared the hell out of me. I had to wear paper shoes, since I could potentially kill myself with a shoelace, and wasn't allowed to have anything metal, not even a spoon. I wasn't suicidal by medical standards, but I heard Mum's message loud and clear: Stop using drugs before I was gone for good."

It wasn't easy for Osbourne to get clean-it took six years, four visits to rehab and a visit to the mental facility.

Happy you made it through with your health and constantly working towards a better you!

Congrats Kelly.


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