Jennifer Lopez REIGNS Supreme At Motherhood!

نُشر في Sexy منذ سنوات، 8 أشهر

Actress, singer and mother of two, Jennifer Lopez, is showing us how it is done! At 45, J.Lo stuns and is looking better than ever. Seriously does this woman age?

The "Waiting For Tonight" singer covers Us Weekly's "Best Bodies" Issue and Lopez practically oozes confidence and sex appeal.

On what "beautiful" means to her:

"I embrace who I am," the American Idol judge says. "I feel sexy, I feel youthful, I feel pretty sometimes."

On those days she feels "not pretty":

"I think a healthy body image comes from being the best you, not competing with anybody else," she explained. "You know, I'm not a 6-foot tall model...I'm not a size 2. I think it's about focusing on yourself and just trying to be the best you."

On being single:

"Being single's good," she teased, laughing. "You have really nobody to answer to, so you can do whatever you want! But I don't think I go wild or anything."

Seriously, this woman is perfection!


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