Dodge ball SEQUEL?!

نُشر في Funny منذ 6 أشهر

Well...maybe not an official sequel but pretty damn close!

Purple cobras and Average Joes are giving YOU the chance to play dodgeball WITH them. Yes, you read that correctly WITH them.

Why are they doing this you ask?

For the Stiller foundation, which is charity created by Ben Stiller himself. It's mission is to support children in Haiti by providing educational opportunities and services, which helps children to reach their full potential. A project of theirs includes supporting the construction of Academy for Peace & Justice, this is a free middle school that helps educate over 2,800 students! All students who attend this school receive year round access to medical services, a free tuition and uniforms!

Sounds like an amazing charity to donate to.

If interested in donating and trying to match up against Ben or Vaughn click here

I wonder what team will win!

Any guess? Bets even?

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