Derek Zoolander & Hansel Debut ICONIC Looks at Paris Fashion Week!

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Paris Fashion Week has been a Mecca of drama since opening last week. Kim Kardashian stole Draco Malfoy's look, Kanye West & Lorde showed everyone they are the happiest people on earth and Katy Perry was throwing shade left right and center honey! Tuesday, however, witnessed the best moment in fashion history.

We saw the legendary return of male supermodels, Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) & Hansel (Owen Wilson), at the Maison Valentino runway collection!

This marks the duo's first runway appearance in 14 years, having last been seen in 2001.

Before hitting the catwalk, Derek bestowed upon the public a glimpse into one of his classics looks.

After the show, Paramount Pictures officially announced the sequel to the film.

“So hot right now: Derek & Hansel blaze down the @MaisonValentino runway, #Zoolander2 announced. Coming Feb. 12, 2016.” the Paramount Twitter account tweeted out.

While it is a year away, we are ecstatic! We can't wait to see what these gentlemen have in store. More iconic moments like this...

and this...

...and this.

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