Demi Lovato Snitches. Wilmer Valderrama DID Have a Problem with the 12-Year Age Gap

نُشر في Shocking منذ سنة، 11 شهر

Ooh saucy.

In a recent interview with ET at the Stella Mccartney showing, Demi Lovato admitted that the age difference between her and her current beau Wilmer Valderrama was a little bit of an issue.

She shares "He had some hesitations. Once I got older, we could be together.".

The two met on the set of a Chilean Earthquake Relief PSA back in 2010. At the time, Lovato was 18-years-old and Valderrama was 30.

The two were believed to have been secretly dating afterwards, just prior to Lovato entering rehab.

Lovato also adorably shares, "Everyone thinks it's our six-year anniversary. We met six years ago! But yeah, I knew I loved him when I met him."


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