Brie Larson Refuses To Do THIS

نُشر في Shocking منذ 9 أشهر، 3 أسابيع

As we all know last night was the Oscar's and Brie Larson had the honor of presenting the Best Actor award.

But unlucky for her, it ended up being won to Casey Affleck.

Well even though she had to give him the Oscar, she refused to clap while he made his acceptance speech.

If you're unaware to WHY she would do this it's because Casey Affleck was accused of sexual harassment and making unwanted physical advances while on set in 2010- during the filming of I'm Still Here" .

Brie must takes this seriously as she recently played a sexual assault victim in the movie Room and hugged every assault victim during lady Gaga's performance "Till It Happens To You" at the Grammys in 2016.

What do you think of Brie Larson's non-clap?

Comment your thoughts below!


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