A Bat Disgustingly SHAT on Kelly Osbourne's Head

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I heard it's good luck to get shat on by a bird.

Unfortunately Kelly Osbourne didn't get pooped on by a bird. She got pooped on by a bat. A nasty, scary, bloodsucking mammal.

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The funny thing is, back in 1982, her father Ozzy Osbourne has had his fair share in dealing with bats as well. At one of Ozzy's concert in Des Moines, an audience member threw a bat onstage during the rocker's performance in which he proceeded to bite it's head right off.

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Granted, the bat bit him back and he had to get treated for rabies after the show. He also claimed that he thought the bat was a robber toy.

Maybe this is a sign of vengeance. Or a lifelong family curse?


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