22 Ways Kylie Minogue Is The GODDESS Of Pop

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1) The day Kylie Minogue set foot on the earth, we were walking on holy ground

2) Some call her the Queen of Pop

3) With her over 75 million records sold

4) And blessing the world with music classics like 'Spinning Around'

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5) and the empowering 'Get Outta My Way'

6) and the forever upbeat 'Love At First Sight'

7) and, of course, the always catchy 'Can't Get You Outta My Head.'

8) But she's not really the Queen of Pop

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9) She's more like the GODDESS

10) She brings love

11) (So much love)

12) She brings beauty

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13) (So much beauty)

14) She brings joy

15) (So much joy) wherever she goes.

16) Like the goddess that she is, she's also the source of immortality

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17) She has yet to age

18) She's got a booty that won't stop

19) Just look at the video treatment!

20) And randoms (someone called Justin Timberlake?) have touched her perfectly pert posterior.

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21) Like I said, she's a little piece of heaven on earth

22) And we are blessed

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